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Basic Facial

Witness the magic of basic facial as it clear blemishes and reveal radiant skin.

Starts From $100

Dermaplane Facial

See the results of dermaplane facials, leaving skin glowing and makeup-ready.

Starts From $150

Waxing Wonders

View the results of our expert waxing services for smooth, hair-free skin.

Starts From $25

Full Back Wax

Experience the sleekness of our full back waxing treatments.

Starts From $90

Full Leg Wax

We provide expert care to leave your skin impeccably smooth.

Starts From $100

Back Facial

Daily exfoliate with a multi-vitamin ampule with a rotary brush. Great time to relax.

Starts From $80

DMK Skin Revision Enzyme Mask Therapy

DMK enzymes improve skin health naturally.

Starts From $300

Nostril Wax

Nostril Wax is painless believe it or not and very satisfying.

Starts From $25

Inkless Scar Revision Treatment

After 3 sessions these are the results.

Starts From $80

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision

Contradicts the stretch mark with our inkless serum to be able to lighten it up.

Starts From $80
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Facial Transformations

Acne Facial: Witness the magic of our acne facials as they clear blemishes and reveal radiant skin.

Dermaplane Facial: See the silky-smooth results of our dermaplane facials, leaving skin glowing and makeup-ready.

Facial Lite to Medium Peel: Explore how our peels refresh and rejuvenate the complexion.

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